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Bearaby Raises Awareness For Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is an initiative that’s close to our cozy little company’s heart. Here’s more on how we supported this movement and how we apply zero plastic policies, all-year-round.

Bearaby Raises Awareness For Plastic Free July


Over here at Bearaby, we’re in a committed relationship with the environment. From tackling plastic pollution with zero plastic policies to raising awareness for Plastic Free July, we’re fully devoted to making eco-friendly, sustainable weighted blankets.

Plastic Free July is a worldwide movement helping millions of people become a part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Living a green life comes down to the choices we make, and at Bearaby, we choose to refuse single-use plastic, one Napper at a time.

Did you know?
Every year, we dump almost 8 million tons of plastic into our oceans.
Let’s all commit to being better – for the sake of marine life, our health, and future generations.

Throwing our weight behind Plastic Free July – a global movement dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution – was a no-brainer for Team Bearaby. Over the last few weeks, we challenged ourselves to live entirely plastic-free and reinforced our unwavering commitment to making zero-plastic, sustainable weighted blankets.

Let’s learn a little more about Plastic Free July, look at what eco-living experts have to say about our weighted blankets, and summarize how Bearaby says no to single-use plastics every day.

What Is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a worldwide movement helping people realize how important it is to reduce single-use plastic waste. With more than 250 million participants in 177 countries, it’s an initiative that brings about massive collective change.

Plastic Free July challenges us to use as little plastic as possible, ideally nothing, for a whole month. The ultimate goal is to help us find ways to reduce our plastic waste so that choosing the less harmful option becomes our way of life.

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Plastic Free July At Bearaby

Here’s how we got behind Plastic Free July to help put a stop to plastic pollution.

Teaming-up with green living gurus

We took this opportunity to team up with some sustainable living role models.

Climate activist Kristy Drutman, aka Brown Girl Green, shared her insights on how to keep eco-anxiety over weighted blankets at bay:

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We also partnered-up with go-to girl for sustainable living, Jessica Clifton, from Impact for Good. Here’s what she had to say about our Tree Napper:

quote 2

Our third collaboration for Plastic Free July was with the inspiring vegan expert Remy Park from Veggiekins. Leading the charge in living “the most compassionate lifestyle possible, with regard to myself, the animals and the environment”, Remy’s clued-up on how to kit out your space, sustainably.

We’re over the moon that sleeping under our Napper meets Veggiekins’ eco-conscious criteria of 100% vegan, non-toxic and low waste living.

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How else did we support Plastic Free July? Just like Valeria Hinojosa, from Water Thru Skin, we had a plastic-free movie night!

Learning more about using less: watching A Plastic Ocean

Earlier this month, Team Bearaby got together and watched A Plastic Ocean. In this award-winning film, we learned more about how using less plastic is crucial to marine life and human health. We highly recommend watching this eye-opening documentary.

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Bearaby’s Continued Commitment To Sustainability

We make it our mission to educate ourselves on an eco-friendly way of living, and then weave this into every fiber of our blankets and our business. We’ve knit sustainability into our weighted blankets and our ethos.

Our values are simple – if the planet is healthy and her people are happy, we’re one step closer to a calmer and more collected world. In line with these values, our knitted weighted blankets are made without any single-use plastics, and here’s how:

  • Our Nappers are plastic filler-free. Unlike traditional designs, we don’t use pellets or beads to make our weighted blankets heavy, only layer upon layer of sustainably sourced plant-based materials.
  • We use Earth-loving manufacturing methods to make our materials.
  • Tencel, the fabric used in our cooling weighted blanket, is fully biodegradable on land and in water!
  • You won’t find any plastic in our packaging. We use recycled cardboard and reusable organic cotton bags to send our blankets to their new home. We’ve avoided around 200 tons of plastic this way!