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Curing FOMO With JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

You’ve likely heard of, or experienced, FOMO, the fear of missing out. But have you heard of JOMO? We’re all about embracing the joy of missing out, rather than the fear of it.

Curing FOMO With JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out


The best way to cure FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is to embrace JOMO, the joy of missing out! #notdoingthings leaves you with more ME time, which you can use for self-care, self-improvement, rest and relaxation.

Taking a technology detox and disconnecting for a period of time is a great way to feel JOMO and improve your mental health and happiness. Swear off Instagram and Facebook for a week or at least a few days to start if you’re in deep.

Other ways to cure FOMO include connecting face-to-face or via a long phone conversation, meditating, reading, writing and setting boundaries with your time. It takes self-discipline, but we promise you, it really works.

Did you know?
Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010, and on that very first day, 25,000 users signed up. Not a bad first day, eh?

You’ve likely heard of, or experienced, FOMO, the fear of missing out. But have you heard of JOMO? We’re all about embracing the joy of missing out, rather than the fear of it. While FOMO is like your rowdy friend who stays out all night, JOMO is like FOMO’s introspective cousin, one who is able to say ‘no’ and gets plenty of sleep.

The Downfalls Of FOMO

Social media and technology have made FOMO a real epidemic. We can see what our friends (and even complete strangers) are up to at all hours, every day of the week. Seeing people having fun without you, doing activities all day, and traveling on glamorous vacations can take a toll on our mental health. Our culture has become obsessed with not missing out on anything fun that is going on, no matter the cost to our health and sanity. Not only that, we have become so averse to boundaries and saying ‘no’ that we end up having a full and overcommitted calendar, with no time for self-care, relaxation and the most important of all, rest.

People have been going to parties, going on vacation, and killing it in their careers for centuries. We just haven’t been able to see it all happening literally right in front of our eyes on a little rectangular screen. Being exposed to all of this nonstop can lead to feelings of inadequacy and have you believing you’re never doing enough. Social media can be great to connect with friends, family, and loved ones, but there is a fine line between using it for connection and using it as a crutch to keep your FOMO going strong.

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Enter: JOMO

Even the simple replacement of the word ‘fear’ with ‘joy’ can create happier emotions. Fear is a powerful feeling that’s beneficial to us out in dire situations, but we definitely don’t want to be feeling fearful day in and day out. Embracing a joyful attitude can elicit happy feelings, foster gratitude, and even improve your health. Joyfulness is associated with reduced stress, anxiety, and pain, and even improved immunity. Don’t want to get sick this winter? Kick FOMO to the curb and make JOMO your new BFF!

One way to immediately feel more joy? Cancel all the plans you’ve made when FOMO was taking over your life. Unless it’s something you truly want to do, hunker down at home and embrace the warm coziness that is JOMO. Below are six tips to

How To Cure FOMO And Embrace JOMO

1. Have a Technology Detox

As we touched on above, the main reason why we have such a terrible fear of missing out is that we are constantly bombarded with what other people are doing. If you think back to even 15 years ago, before social media was widespread, FOMO wasn’t widespread either. To combat this, take a technology detox. It could be for just one designated hour per day, it could be one day per week, or you could overachieve and take a whole screen-free week. Trust us, once your fingers stop twitching to check Instagram and Facebook, your mental health will improve and your happiness will be unparalleled. Rediscover what you loved to do when you weren’t tied to a screen!

2. Just. Say. No.

Saying no has become harder and harder. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, let anyone down, or miss out on something that seems like it will be fun. However, when we constantly say yes to every invitation, favor or event that comes our way, we end up overbooking ourselves and not leaving time for self-care. Setting boundaries can be a great way to embrace JOMO. Maybe you allow yourself one event per week—or how ‘bout one per month?! Everyone has different levels of what is enjoyable to them, so reflect on what your maximum level of going out and doing things is, and say no to the rest.

3. Reflect, Read, Or Relax

These 3 R’s are a great way to cure your FOMO. Reflecting, whether it’s writing in a journal or just sitting with your thoughts, can help you to realize exactly why you are feeling FOMO when your friends are out and you’re laying low #notdoingthings. AND you’ll most likely realize how silly it is to feel this way. Reading or doing another relaxing activity (taking a bubble bath, going for a leisurely solo walk, cozying up with a blanket and tea) will hush all the noise and allow you to learn to enjoy your own company. Reading and writing also keep you sharp, build your vocabulary (WORDS!), learn new things (FUN FACTS!) and improve your communication skills, which you can use to impress someone you’re interested in next time you’re out and about.

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4. Reconnect, Off-Screen

Let’s be clear: we’re not suggesting you turn into a hermit and avoid all contact with others. Connecting with friends and family is one of the main pillars of human existence, and it’s crucial to health and happiness. However, connecting via Facebook comments, group texts, and Instagram likes is not the ideal way to build relationships. It’s difficult to have an engaging conversation via text; making plans to meet face-to-face can deepen your relationships and make you feel more fulfilled. Having fulfilling connections is a top method to curing FOMO, as you realize how much you already have that you’re not missing out on. And whatever happened to the lost art of a nice chat on the phone with a long-distance friend or family member? Dialing those numbers in the grid in your phone and engaging in a long overdue catch up is also a nice way to reconnect with people in your life.

5. Meditation And Mindfulness

While it seems like meditation is the new and trendy answer to all of life’s woes, it actually dates back 5,000 years! Sitting in silence and letting the thoughts pass by is a timeless method to boost happiness and self-awareness. Meditating can further help you enjoy your own company and improve self-reflection and self-awareness, which are crucial for curing FOMO feelings.

If you’re not into meditating, deep breathing or practicing being more mindful can improve your mental health. While being mindful can sound vague, it’s pretty simple. As you go about your day, tasks like washing dishes, walking your dog, or driving can become an exercise in mindfulness. Consciously pay attention to everything going on, limit distractions, and focus on your breathing. You may soon notice that even sitting in traffic can be a stress-reducing activity (as crazy as it sounds!).


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6. Prioritize Your Time

We all have different priorities, so we all must prioritize our time differently. The important thing is to truly discover what makes you feel joyful and happy. Of course, we can’t eliminate all things that don’t bring us joy (looking at you, dentist appointments). However, we can try our best to say no to the majority of things that don’t serve us, and either add in something you love or leave the space completely empty to reflect, read, relax, reconnect, and rediscover yourself. Say goodbye to fear; joyfulness awaits.