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How We're Knitting For Wildlife Rescue In Australia

As these disastrous wildfires continue, we’re all encouraged to lend a helping hand where possible.

How We're Knitting For Wildlife Rescue In Australia


Knitters from around the world have used their talents to knit items to help injured animals from the Australian wildfires, which have devastated the lives of countless animals.

Bearaby teamed up with wildlife rescue groups to create joey pouches to help our furry mates find comfort and healing.

We can all play a part to help the Australian wildlife heal from this disaster. Reach out to The Rescue Collective to find out how your unique efforts might help an animal in need.

Did you know?
The term ‘joey’ refers to the baby of any marsupial. Baby kangaroos, wallabies, possums, koalas, wombats and bandicoots are all referred to as ‘joeys’.

Since September 2019, Australia has been facing a devastating natural crisis. Bushfires have ravaged much of the country, leaving the landscape, wildlife, and Australian people in extreme danger. Record-breaking high temperatures and drought caused these bushfires, which have led to over 10 million hectares of wildlife devastation.

Due to the vast spread of the fires and the lack of rainfall, these bushfires have yet to slow down. Rescue workers are continuing their valiant efforts to reduce pain and destruction where possible, and the world is banding together to find ways to help.


As these disastrous wildfires continue, we’re all encouraged to lend a helping hand where possible. At Bearaby, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to make a difference. We were excited to hear about some very savvy groups of crafters who combined their talent and efforts to knit protective and therapeutic items for rescued animals. Motivated to make a difference, we couldn’t help but learn more and get involved!

Animals And The Australian Fires

Australia is well-known for its beautiful and diverse wildlife. From exotic birds to marsupials, tropical fish to reptiles, Australia is home to some of our planet’s most interesting (and adorable!) animals.

Sadly, one of the most devastating outcomes of the Australian fires has been the great loss of animal life. An estimated 1.25 billion animals have died in the fires and many rare animals (such as the beloved koala) are on the verge of extinction. The most affected animals have been koalas, kangaroos, quokkas, cockatoos, and small rodents.


While many animals have died in the fires, the good news is that many others have been rescued and taken to shelters and care centers. While they’re now in good hands, these animals must heal from the damaging effects of the fires. Many have severe burns and lung damage from the smoke. Most have lost their families and habitats.

Crafty Helping Hands

The Australian fires have caused many animal lovers to think outside the box when it comes to lending a helping hand. From donating funds to hosting events to raising awareness, groups all over the world have used their voices and skills to do their part in helping relieve the pain and suffering in Australia.

One proactive group that caught our attention was the Animal Rescue Craft Guild – a creative group dedicated to crafting for a cause. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild and its volunteers sew, knit, and crochet items to donate to animals in need.

Some of their most sought-after items include koala mittens and joey pouches. The koala mittens are used to protect the vulnerable scorched paws of rescued koalas. Joey pouches provide comfort to orphaned joeys who lost their mothers to the fires. Bat wraps help to keep displaced and injured bats warm and safe. Those with a talent in crochet can make nests to give injured birds and rodents a place to rest.


Photo by Ursula Castillo on Unsplash

This crafty idea has caught on and others around the world are taking on the challenge. Crafters in the UK created the group Paws Across the Oceans to make their fair share of joey pouches and other crafts – both to send to Australia and raise donations for relief efforts. Others are collecting fabrics and materials to send to shelters for bedding and comfort.

Bearaby Is Knitting For The Cause

With all these amazing projects happening around us, we were greatly inspired to get our hands knitting as well! After reaching out to Rescue Collective Australia, a brazen wildlife rescue group based in Brisbane, we discovered that our team could have a unique, yet impactful effect on the suffering wildlife of Australia.

With a clear mission, we stopped all Bearaby weighted blanket production to focus solely on our new task. The team banded together for two days to knit much-needed joey pouches to comfort and soothe rescued animals. We hope that our knitted pouches can help a suffering joey sleep peacefully tonight.

koala and napper

As a brand that values peace and comfort above all else, we couldn’t think of a more humbling and heartfelt way to share in the relief efforts for Australia’s wildlife. We hope that our donation will ease the suffering of the affected animals and help to raise awareness across the world about these tragedies. We believe that everyone has something to offer and can join in as a helping hand for Australia.

The Silver Lining Behind The Smoke

Despite the terrible outcomes of the wildfires in Australia, one powerful thing has come from it all: the beauty and compassion of a joined community. All over the world, people and businesses are doing their small part to help make a difference for our Aussie neighbors and the vulnerable bush wildlife.

The knitting community has proven to be a proactive and resourceful group of compassionate crafters – and we’re proud to join them in their efforts to make life a little more comfortable for our brave animal friends.

We hope that the stories of our knitting friends and others who have used their talent to make a difference will inspire you to find meaning and purpose in your own talents. No act of kindness is too small!