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Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet With a Weighted Blanket

It’s plain and simple: if you sleep better, you’ll live better. We are healthier, smarter, fitter, and happier when we have a great sleep schedule.

Make 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet With a Weighted Blanket


Wellness resolutions can be inspiring, but motivation often wanes after the first few weeks of the year.

Don’t let sleep slide. Quality sleep with a Bearaby weighted blanket helps reduce stress, balance hormones, improve mood and energy, and assist you in reaching your goals.

Quality sleep is the key to sticking to your wellness goals, whatever they may be. Make sleep your priority this year!

Did you know?
It is estimated that 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after the second week of January. Not you! Stay on top of your goals with your Napper.

Well into the first few months of 2020, how are your wellness goals shaping up? Are you chugging along or seeking an extra boost of encouragement?

After the motivational rush of January subsides, it can be tough to keep up a good momentum into the rest of the year. In some cases, our new healthy habits don’t fit so smoothly into our lifestyle, we may fail to see progress and get discouraged, or sometimes we just need a break to re-evaluate and recharge.

No matter what your wellness goals are for 2020, prioritizing sleep should be at the top of the list! With better sleep, keeping up with your new wellness habits will be much easier and more enjoyable. You’ll even experience better health just by simply sleeping better.

The key to sustaining your wellness goals all year long is an easy-to-follow, clear plan and some helpful sidekicks (like a Napper) to help you along the way. Here we’ll go deeper into the power of a super sleep schedule and how a simple weighted blanket might make all the difference in your goals this year.

Strive For Better Sleep

It’s plain and simple: if you sleep better, you’ll live better. We are healthier, smarter, fitter, and happier when we have a great sleep schedule.

For most people, however, this can seem like an impossible task. Whether you can’t imagine giving up a whole 7-9 hours to sleep (there’s work to be done!), you struggle with turning off at night (to-do lists on repeat), or other conditions keep you up for hours (pain, anxiety, restless legs), there are ways you can take control of your sleep schedule.

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With better sleep, you can look forward to:

  • More productivity
  • More energy
  • Less anxiety
  • Happier moods
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved digestion
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better personal connections
  • Feeling restored
  • Reduced pain
  • Balanced hormones
  • Overall wellness

Sound good? We thought so. Let’s find out how we can make the most of our sleep – and other healthy goals – with our favorite simple solution.

Weighted Blankets To Power Your Wellness Goals

We love our weighted blankets – they make sure we’re always relaxed and cozy, inspire restful naptimes, make for sensational sleep, and keep stress at bay. But did you know that weighted blankets can even help you reach your goals?

It’s all in the power of a good night’s sleep, reduced stress, and balanced hormones. With the supercharged sleep provided by your Napper, you’ll be far more capable to take on your toughest daily challenges.

Slim and trim

Are you planning to get fit and lose weight this year? Losing weight is one of the top wellness resolutions people make every year. While this is an excellent wellness goal, it’s also one of the hardest to keep. Despite efforts in exercise, diet, and mindfulness, sometimes our own body sabotages us.

The culprit? Hormones. Hormones are tricky to manage and can often be the reason we struggle to lose weight. The fix? Better sleep, of course! Improved sleep balances our hormones, keeps our appetites in check, and reduces the strain on our digestive system. Pair your healthy diet and fun exercise plans with a nightly date with your weighted blanket. Weight loss never felt so calm.

Stress less

Isn’t it about time we kicked chronic stress to the curb? Reducing stress is a fantastic wellness goal for both physical and mental health. Our chronic stress responses lead us to develop all kinds of health conditions like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart disease, infertility, autoimmune disorders, pain conditions, and more.

Thankfully, there are so many resources we can use to help us manage our stress better. Meditation and mindfulness are great ways to conquer stress, right at home. Power up your meditation sessions by using your weighted blanket to actively reduce your cortisol levels and calm your mind. Sleep under your weighted blanket at night for a full 8 hours of stressless bliss.

Exercise regularly

It may seem like sleeping under a weighted blanket is the exact opposite way to increase your exercise habit this year, but we’re here to bust that myth! In fact, getting great sleep with a weighted blanket can help you wake refreshed, energized, and ready for a killer workout.

Exercising first thing in the morning can be helpful for keeping up with the habit. As the first thing you do in the morning, you won’t be able to put it off when other things come up during the day. After a great sleep with a weighted blanket, your body will be refreshed and ready to move. Aches and pains from the day before will have melted during your slumber, making your morning workout something to look forward to rather than dread.

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Tackle anxiety and depression

Let this be the year you take back control of your mental health. Whether you struggle with mild setbacks or these conditions have completely taken over your life, there’s no better time to get back in the driver’s seat than now. At Bearaby, we’ve personally experienced the life-changing effects of using weighted blankets to conquer anxiety and depression and we hope to inspire you to do the same.

Weighted blankets have been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety both immediately as well as provide long-term beneficial effects with regular use. This is due to their ability to use deep touch pressure to regulate stress hormones and soothe the mind. Restful sleep also enhances brain health and encourages healthy serotonin levels. This squashes depression and anxiety and improves mood naturally.

Your Secret Wellness Weapon

Making resolutions and goals is easy. Sticking to them? That’s another story.

While the power of weighted blankets may be no secret, they can be your secret weapon for taking on all your health goals and challenges this year. Set yourself up for success with a system that works, some rewards along the way, and the best sleep ever. Who knew reaching goals could be so relaxing?