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Our Super Cooling Summer Weighted Blanket Has Arrived

Say hello (again) to the best weighted blanket for summer, our Tree Napper! For this year’s summer collection we looked to nature for inspiration and came up with a range of garden-fresh hues to transform your indoor space into a lush, tranquil paradise.

summer weighted blanket


Hot weather is here, and we’ve got the best weighted blanket for summer. Meet our cooling, garden-fresh Tree Nappers: Rosemary, Papaya, Almond, Avocado, and Pomegranate. This is a seasonal collection, when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

Made with the same moisture-wicking, cooling, and totally biodegradable Tencel fabric, the Tree Napper is a weighted blanket for hot weather and won’t make you sweat this season.

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Through our design innovations and giving initiatives, we strive to keep the planet beautiful now and into the future.

Did you know?
Pomegranate trees can live for over 200 years! The word pomegranate means ‘apple with many seeds’.

Inspired by a lush garden, our sustainable summer collection is made up of five beautiful new hues, hand-knitted from cooling Tencel and perfect for the heat of the summer.

For this collection we reimagined our classic color palette, looking to nature for inspiration to transform your couch or bed into an indoor sanctuary, lulling you into the deepest, most natural sleep you could possibly dream of. Thought you couldn't use a weighted blanket for hot weather? Think again!

The Tree Napper Is A Cool Weighted Blanket For Summer


Transport yourself into calm, lush surrounds with the Tree Napper in Rosemary. Grounded in those comforting memories of the aromatic woody herb, this chic summer weighted blanket will inspire will inspire you to open the window and be transported to a walk in the wild, where Rosemary grows in abundance.

summer weighted blanket - rosemary


Cocoon yourself in the vibrant Pomegranate Tree Napper. With its understatedly bold hue, this exciting new Napper adds a pop of colour to any room, all while bringing calm and tranquility for moment’s of wonderful self-care.

summer blanket - pomegranate


A summer weighted blanket inspired by muted earthy tones and the tranquil landscape of rolling dunes, this low-key nutty Napper dreamily transports you to a peaceful walk along a sandy beach, with a soothing almond latte in hand.

summer weighted blanket - almond


A fabulous fruit that goes with your bedding just as well as it does with a piece of sourdough toast! Vibrant and versatile, the Avocado Tree Napper is the exhilarating pop of colour that works in just about every home. Wrap up in the very essence of nature - green, alive and incredibly comforting.

tree napper - avocado


Exquisite Papaya. A rich, stimulating hue that pairs perfectly with those precious moments of calm and collectedness. The tropical fruity tone of the Papaya Tree Napper lifts your couch to a new level of chic comfort.

summer tencel weighted blanket - papaya

The Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket For Hot Weather

Breathable design for maximum cooling weight

Our Tree Nappers are our coolest, most breathable Nappers yet, perfect for hot sleepers due to their hand-knit design and all-natural materials. Hands down it’s the best weighted blanket for summer months.

The knit design allows air to flow in and around the loops while you stay cozy and comfortable. Plus, our Tencel fabric comes from eucalyptus trees, making it extra cooling, moisture-wicking, and perfectly designed for warmer climates.

The bonus of our hand-knit design? Evenly-distributed weight across your whole body, maximizing the benefits of snoozing (or just chilling) underweight better sleep, less stress, happy feels.

Tree Napper

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Silky-soft, airy comfort

Made from natural eucalyptus

Ultra breathable

Get Cozy
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Plastic free is the way to be

All of our Tree Nappers are vegan, hypoallergenic, and completely plastic-free, so they’ll leave zero trace when their lifespans have run out. The only thing that gives our weighted blankets their weight, is fabric. Layers and layers of it. That means no plastic pellets inside, only soft, cooling, natural fibers.

Plus, not only is the Tencel fabric highly breathable, it’s biodegradable on land and in water. Made from wood pulp derived from Eucalyptus trees, our Tencel uses 10x less water to produce than most fabrics, and is made in a responsible, closed loop process.

Sustainable, Responsible, and Good-natured

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Through our design innovations, like our patented weighted yarn, our goal is to exemplify a new mindset for consumer products - that creating a sustainable product is not only good for the earth but also beneficial for consumers, who will be granted access to better products in both design, function, and sustainability.

Giving back, one tree at a time

One Tree Planted is an on-the-ground charity working to replenish the forests of California by planting trees across the state. For every Napper purchased, we donate to one-tree-planted, so they can plant a tree on your behalf.

Bearaby x West Elm - Together again!

We’re back with partners West Elm, a partnership we built because we share the same values when it comes to sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and a dedication to handmade craftsmanship. They helped us bring our fruit-forward, garden-fresh vision to life, and our blankets are also available over on their site, all summer long.

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