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The Bearaby Guide On How To Make A Sustainable Bedroom

We’ve gathered some helpful tips on how to make your bedroom more sustainable. You can start, of course, with one of our weighted blankets.

The Bearaby Guide On How To Make A Sustainable Bedroom


Creating a sustainable bedroom is not so out of reach. Start by eliminating toxic materials and switching to non-toxic, organic, and ethically produced options.

Bearaby loves our sustainable bedroom partners in crime. There are some great companies out there creating beautiful and sustainable bedroom décor.

Finish off your perfect bedroom sanctuary with a cooling weighted blanket that’s good for the environment and good for your health.

Did you know?
20% of global industrial water pollution comes from the chemical dyeing of textiles.

Can you help the environment by decorating your bedroom? We sure think so. Bearaby is all about making the best, most educated sustainable choices we can while still enjoying a comfy, cozy lifestyle. As such, we are always on the lookout for smart and conscious brands that are doing good for people – and the planet.

We’re also about making the bedroom a sleep sanctuary. As firm believers in the power of sleep, we know how important quality, restful sleep is to our productivity, physical health, and mental wellbeing. We believe that changing the world can start by changing sleep, one bedroom at a time.

The trouble with creating a bedroom sanctuary that’s also good for the environment is knowing where to start. Many people are unaware of what products and brands are doing good, and which ones are causing more problems.

That’s why we’ve created our guide to the perfect sustainable bedroom. Read on to find our favorite sustainable brands and eco-friendly tips to make your bedroom the best room in the house.

How To Create A Sustainable Bedroom

When it comes to making your bedroom more sustainable and eco-friendly, there are a few things to consider. We’re looking for products and brands where the materials, manufacturing, and distribution of your bedroom items are ethical, eco-conscious, and sustainable.

6 Ways to Become More Sustainable in the Bedroom

sustainable bed
  1. Watch your walls: When painting your new bedroom, choose low or zero VOC paints. These are low-tox paints and don’t leech harmful chemicals into your bedroom air. You’ll spend a lot of time in your cozy bedroom, let’s make it safe to breathe.
  2. Build your bed: If possible, switch to an organic mattress, bedsheets, and blankets. Thankfully, Bearaby weighted blankets and weighted comforters are made with organic cotton and sustainable Tencel, so you’ll never have to worry about harmful materials in your weighted bedding.
  3. Choose the right flooring: Avoid synthetic carpets and rugs and instead opt for organic materials or special natural fibers like jute or ethical wool.
  4. Save energy: Reduce your footprint by using less energy. Switch to LED lighting to save energy, and keep your heating and cooling use to a minimum. The good news? Your weighted blanket will keep you warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights, so you’ll be sleeping comfortably while helping the environment.
  5. Pick scents that make sense: If you love to make your bedroom smell as beautiful as it looks, be sure to opt for natural fragrances and products made with essential oils. Conventional air fresheners and drugstore candles use fragrance oils which contain phthalates, dirty compounds that are harmful to the environment and our health.
  6. Add life with plants: One of the simplest ways to enhance your bedroom is by adding helpful plants. Plants not only look beautiful and create a more serene, calming environment, they improve air quality. Plus, the more plants on our planet, the better!
life with plants

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Sustainable Brands We Love

You’ve got the basics down and you’re ready to create the sustainable bedroom of your dreams. Now we’ve got your shopping list covered. Check out our favorite eco-warrior bedroom brands and prepare to love your new room.

Coyuchi is a coastal-California home brand with a dedication to sustainability and effortless natural comfort. Their company is based on providing conscious consumers with organic, sustainable, and responsible textiles. They’re committed to the Global Organic Textile Standard, water recycling methods, benefiting local organic farms, and the health of farmers and factory workers who create their natural textiles.
Coyuchi even has a recycling program for their linens that are “ready for retirement.” Send your loved products back and they will renew, recycle, or upcycle them for a second life. For a calm and serene bedroom that feels like walking along the rocky central coast, Coyuchi has it covered. We particularly love their relaxed organic linen bed sheet sets.

The Citizenry is a well-loved eco-friendly brand that offers beautiful home décor with a conscience. Their goal is to provide homes with artisan-made, high-quality items that not only make your home cozy, but make it a reflection of who you are and the world we live in.
Their wide range of home goods is collected from artisans worldwide who are provided fair wages, safe and happy working environments, and business-supporting grants. Bring a little bit of the world into your bedroom with a hand-woven basket (perfect for storing your Bearaby knitted weighted blanket!), an Indonesian cane nightstand, or the Viento lumbar throw pillow, hand-sewn by women of Oaxaca.

Head to Parachute to replace that tired old mattress with a socially responsible, artisan-made, expert mattress. Parachute prides itself on its commitment to sustainability by making all their products without any harmful chemicals or synthetic materials (they’re also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified!).
Their passion project? The United Nation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, which sends life-saving malaria-prevention bed nets to needy communities. Rest easy knowing your cozy new mattress has made someone else’s sleep a little safer.

Don’t leave your bedroom bare without a natural fiber rug to keep your toes cozy. Armadillo & Co. have made sourcing natural, sustainable, and ethically handmade rugs their mission. Here you’ll find beautiful creations that blend traditional weaving techniques with modern design.

Try the geometric Tuck, luxurious Egyptian, or natural jute River. Armadillo & Co. responsibly cares for their artisans in India, supporting them with sustainable living wages and fair-trade practices, and efforts against child labor in the carpet industry.

You’ve decked out your bedroom sanctuary, now we just need to add some mood. Slow North is a sustainable, plant-based home goods company with roots in Austin, Texas. Our favorite Slow North product? Their quintessential soy-wax essential oil candles.

These candles are vegan and free from artificial (and harmful) scents, ingredients, and dyes. They use only renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable ingredients and packaging to keep it sustainable. Add a whole new level of ambience to your bedroom as you wind-down by lighting one of Slow North’s candles. Try Midnight Garden or Eucalyptus + Lavender to set the mood for sleep.

The Bearaby Bedroom

Of course, no sustainable bedroom sanctuary would be complete without a Bearaby chunky-knit Napper to lull you into the best sleep of your life.
Our Tree Napper is made with Tencel, an innovative tree fabric taking over the fashion and home industries. Sourced from raw wood pulp in a responsible closed-loop process, Tencel uses 10x less water than conventional fibers and is fully biodegradable. Science has shown that weighted blankets can help people sleep better. The problem is that most of these blankets are terrible for the environment, as they’re made from synthetic materials and filled with plastic pellets to weigh the material down.

tree napper texture

We wanted to challenge the common industry norms and create a sustainable and plastic-free weighted blanket. It turns out by removing the plastic, we also made our blankets cooling and breathable, solving the common problem of overheating under a weighted blanket.

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We’ve got a niche – creating the best weighted blankets around. While we love being the go-to sustainable weighted blanket company, we also hope to be thought of as something more: changemakers in the world of healthy and sustainable sleep, both for humans and for Mother Earth.