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The Top 5 Most Nappable Couches

Ah, the couch nap. Couch naps are the kind that tend to just happen without warning—the kind where you doze off during a movie, or plan to just “rest your eyes” for a moment on a Sunday afternoon only to wake up an hour or two later.

The Top 5 Most Nappable Couches


Ergonomics are crucial in selecting a comfortable couch to nap on. Factoring it in won’t leave you needing to see the chiropractor due to years of napping on an ergonomically unsound couch. Good news is there are plenty of great options out there!

Your ideal couch should be Goldilocks-style: not too soft, not too hard. A medium-firm cushion that you won’t fully sink into is best for napping. This also means that if you have an old, overused couch (the kind with butt indents and all), it’s time for a new one.

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Did you know?
Sleeping on your back is the least common sleeping position, but the most beneficial to your neck, back, and spine health. The runner-up? Side sleeping. This makes snoozing on your stomach, the most common, and yet the worst way to sleep. Educate yourself, people!

Ah, the couch nap. Couch naps are the kind that tend to just happen without warning—the kind where you doze off during a movie, or plan to just “rest your eyes” for a moment on a Sunday afternoon only to wake up an hour or two later. While many people choose their home decor based on style and appearance, you shouldn’t forget to size up the support that your furniture is giving you. After all, we tend to sit (or sleep!) on our sofas each and every day.

Although we generally recommend your bed as the place where you can get the best kind of rest, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 couches that provide you with the comfiest couch nap there is out there.

Let’s Talk Ergonomics

You may have heard the word ergonomics thrown around when talking about your office chair or keyboard, but did you know that couches can have ergonomic support as well? Ergonomics means utilizing the correct posture, positioning, and design of the objects we use to increase safety and efficiency. Using an ergonomic couch for napping can lead to reduced back and neck pain, improved sleep quality, and the best lumbar support.

A huge, comfy couch you can sink deep into may feel like you’re floating in the clouds for a short time. But after repeated use with the ‘cloud couch’, your body may suffer. These types of couches can strain your spine and pelvis by pulling downwards on them over time. The extra effort required to get up from the deep cushions can also cause knee or back injuries.

While we don’t want the couch to be too soft, we also don’t want it to be too firm. We’re looking for a Goldilocks-style couch! Medium-firm cushions will be comfortable enough to take a snooze in or snuggle up on during movie night at home, but strong enough to support the bones, muscles, and joints in your body.

best couch to sleep on

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

Let’s Talk Positioning

You know how toddlers and kids can seem to fall asleep in any weird angle and wake up feeling great? Not adults. Adults need structure and support to ensure we don’t wake up full of aches and pains. The ideal sleeping position, both for naps and bedtime, is flat on the back. This keeps your spinal cord nice and straight, as well as aligned with your head and neck. However, only 8% of us tend to do that. If you’re not in that percentage, the next best option is sleeping on your side.

Side sleeping tends to elongate the spine, which can reduce back pain. However, if your pillow is too big, it may result in some neck aches upon waking. In general, flatter pillows tend to be key for naps to keep your head, shoulders, and hips in the same neutral alignment. This position also opens up your airways, which is good news for you snorers out there. Side note for side sleepers: make sure you don’t slide off the couch!

Attention stomach sleepers! You may want to re-think your position. This sleeping situation you got going on can cause plenty of back and neck pain by putting too much pressure on your muscles and joints. Also, having your head turned so far to the side (assuming you’re not face-down in the pillow, which is NOT recommended) can cause major neck aches. Flip yourself over. Your body will thank you!

The Couch Nap Winners:

1. For The Minimalist: The Blu Dot Mono Sofa

This simple and sleek couch is a perfect fit for the minimalistic home where less is more. With a sturdy frame, high resiliency foam cushions, and comfortable pillows, you’ll have a supportive snooze without waking up to neck or back pain. Even the most minimal of minimalists won’t want to Marie Kondo this couch out of their living room!

Blu Dot Mono Sofa - best couch for sleeping

Credit: The Blu Dot Mono Sofa

2. For The Classic, Cozy Home: The La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Reclining Sofa

This family-friendly reclining sofa is ideal for the household with plenty of people coming through the living room. The roomy seats on the side recline, which would make for a comfortable couch nap situation as you can lay back and relax. Not feeling the recline today? Lay flat down the middle across the plush but sturdy cushions. This couch is definitely the go-to for dozing off during a movie marathon.

La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Reclining Sofa - best couches to sleep on

Credit: Pinnacle Wall Reclining Sofa

3. For The Man Cave: The La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner

It’s no surprise that La-Z-Boy made the list twice! They sure know how to make you comfortable. While this one isn’t technically a couch, we think this recliner fits perfectly for nap time. The deep seat, the super-wide arms, and the luxurious leather are all you’ll need to complete your man cave. A recliner is a perfect way to sneak in a short snooze while remaining ultra-comfortable.

La-Z-Boy Gibson Rocking Recliner - most comfortable couch to sleep on

Credit: Gibson Rocking Recliner

4. For The Modern Home: The StressLess Buckingham Low Back Sofa

This sofa also has gentle and individually reclining seats, which provide ergonomic support for the entire body. It even has extra neck support that automatically kicks in when you recline. StressLess combines form and function to create an aesthetically pleasing couch that nicely complements your modern home decor, while also providing a comfortable and supportive environment for you to kick back and relax in.

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StressLess Buckingham Low Back Sofa - best couch for napping

Credit: Stressless Buckingham Low-Back Sofa

5. For When You Really Need To Sleep: The Soma Dawn Sectional Couch From Article

It’s a couch. It’s a bed. It has memory foam. And, it still looks good! This couch would fit into any style of home and is ideal for overnight guests and for when you need a good, solid nap. Sleeping on the couch would no longer be a form of punishment when you have this sofa in your home!

Soma Dawn Sectional Couch - best couches for sleeping

Credit: Sven Birch Ivory Right Sectional Sofa

Time To Get Your Couch Nap On

Who knew there were so many things to consider before hitting the couch for a siesta? If your couch has seen better days, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a comfortable and ergonomically focused sofa. Say goodbye to neck and back pain and hello to your comfiest couch nap yet!

Next step? Find the perfect weighted blanket to compliment your couch. Here at Bearaby, couch napping is an important part of our self-care culture. We’re big on blissful rest to bring about a cooler, calmer, and more collected world, whether at night or naptime.

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