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Weighted Blanket Gift Giving Occasions

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the one of relaxation. Life is hard, and we all need to slow down and take the edge off every now and then.

Weighted Blanket Gift Giving Occasions


Sometimes, the best gift you can give is that of relaxation. The struggle is real, and we all need to slow down and take it easy every now and then. Not everyone is familiar with the power of a quality weighted blanket, so it can be an eye-opening, life-changing gift.

Some of us don’t like to make a big deal of their birthday, especially as we get older. So, instead of taking your significant other to an expensive restaurant or dropping a ton of cash at the club for bottle service, gift them a weighted blanket and let them binge-watch their favorite TV show.

Comfort the college bound with a gift that’s sure to help them deal with the stress of tests and homework as well as adjusting to a new environment. It’s also a great way to cure for homesickness and a stylish addition to those generic dorm rooms.

Did you know?
Birth data shows that September 9th is the most common birthday in the U.S., and September is the busiest month for births overall.

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the one of relaxation. Life is hard, and we all need to slow down and take the edge off every now and then. Sure, a gift card to the local spa or nail salon would do, but why not give a gift that keeps on giving? After all, that 60-minute massage will fly by too quickly, and that gel manicure will inevitably start to chip after day four (it’s like clockwork). The ultimate gift of relaxation? One that’s ongoing, backed by science and can be enjoyed whenever and wherever needed- a weighted blanket. Since they work great for just about anyone and everyone, in our humble opinion, there’s no reason to not consider gifting one. Here are a few special occasions on which you could do so:

Put A Smile On Mom’s Face

If anyone deserves the gift of a long, gentle hug, it’s the moms. Right? They do so much, often without expecting anything in return. So, make the next Mother’s Day extra special with the gift of a weighted blanket. You can rest assured it’s the present she’s been dreaming of (no double pun intended). Check out The Napper, a smaller weighted blanket, that looks great draped over the back of a chair or couch. Because we know aesthetics are important. With seven different colors to choose from, you’ll surely be able to find her favorite- or at least a close second.

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Make Your Pops Proud

Of course, good-ol dad deserves time to relax, too! Just think back on all of those times he changed your oil, lent you the $20 you so desperately thought you needed or kept a nail-biting secret from mom. A cooling weighted blanket for Father’s Day would be an excellent way to say thanks and help him continue being the superhero he is perhaps just a little more well-rested. Wearing that “D” cape is no easy feat!

Comfort The College Bound

After the caps have been tossed, the stress begins. For any high school graduate in your life, a weighted blanket is a really great way to give them some new decor and help them cope with first-year college anxieties. After a long day of classes, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with something that simulates the feeling of being held. It’s perfect for those who may find themselves feeling homesick at night! Getting good sleep is also critical for students and can play a huge role in school performance, so the thanks may continue for years to come.

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Celebrate Their Birthday The Bearaby Way

Not all people like making their birthday a whole big thing, especially as we get older. For people who want to spend their day of birth lounging about at home, a gorgeous, chunky-soft weighted blanket is the perfect gift. They can wrap themselves in their brand new weighted blanket, have breakfast in bed and watch binge-worthy TV shows from your favorite spot on the couch. You know, the spot you just sink into. Now that’s our kind of birthday bash!

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Registry Shmegistry

It’s safe to say most wedding registries are pretty predictable. So, why not go off the registry and gift the happy couple something original. Something besides boring kitchenware. Something the ‘just married’ can surely use on their honeymoon. And a luxurious weighted blanket would be a welcome addition to their household when the festivities are over and they have to write all those thank you letters. It’ll go a long way in easing them back to reality.

Shower The Mom-To-Be

While baby showers are a great way for moms-to-be to load up on necessities and must-have items, there’s only so many onesies, burp clothes and pacifiers she’ll want to receive. And you’ll never pick out the perfect stroller. Trust us. She will have a lot of restless nights ahead of her, so, why not give her what she truly needs (and maybe just doesn’t know she wants yet). Help her fight sleep deprivation with the gift of a luxurious weighted blanket. It will have her drifting off into a deep slumber and dreaming of pre-diaper days.

Give The Gift Of Chill

A weighted blanket gift card makes the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones and friends. Sure, in part because of its physical coziness and warmth (especially if there’s snow on the ground), but also because who wouldn’t want better quality sleep, improved focus and reduced anxiety? We all know the holiday season can be a stressful one, so there’s never a better time to help everyone “chill out”!

Warm Their House

If there’s a new homeowner in your life, they probably have a long list of items they’re in need of to fill it. While there’s the traditional housewarming gifts, like bottles to stock the bar cart, a nice set of food storage containers or a fancy new candle (boring), why not really help them turn their house into a home. Not only are weighted blankets functional and relaxing, but they can be super stylish, too. Like the Tree Napper, which is made of beautifully hand-knitted yarn. Needless to say, it doesn’t look like your standard weighted blanket.

Make Their (Otherwise Ordinary) Day

By all means, we don’t always need a holiday or really even a reason to give a present to someone we care about. The very best are the ones you don’t see coming. Whether it’s simply to brighten your spouse’s day, thank your favorite teacher or congratulate a friend on a job promotion, a weighted blanket is the perfect way to show appreciation and say “hey, I’m thinking of you and care about your well-being and happiness.”