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Bearaby on TV: Weighted Blankets on the Today Show

Weighted blankets have been generating a lot of buzz! Lately, you may have seen weighted blankets on TV, in the news, and all over social media. More and more people are learning how weighted blankets can help you sleep better, and we think that’s something to celebrate. Read on to learn more about weighted blankets on the big screen!

bearaby on tv


Weighted blankets promote better sleep through Deep Touch Pressure (DTP)

Knitted weighted blankets are more sustainable and breathable than conventional weighted blankets

You may have seen Bearaby weighted blankets on the Today Show, the Morning Show, and even Sex & the City! 

Did you know?
Bearaby holds the patent for knitted weighted blankets in the US

Weighted blankets were originally used mainly as a therapeutic tool during occupational therapy. They weren’t very aesthetically pleasing – some were weighed down with metal chains! – and they definitely weren’t the kind of thing you’d see on a talk show or being used by a celebrity.

In fact, when Bearaby first started in 2018, weighted blankets were still outside of the mainstream. Since then, weighted blankets have become the talk of the town, helping people sleep better and feel calmer across the world.

We’ve been thrilled to see our knitted weighted blankets on the Today Show, Sex and the City, the Morning Show, and more, and each time we see weighted blankets on TV shows we stop and do a double take! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favorite weighted blanket TV appearances for everyone in the Napperhood.

Knitted Weighted Blankets on TV

Wondering where that cozy knitted weighted blanket was from? Chances are it was one of ours! Bearaby holds the patent on knitted weighted blankets in the US. Our hand knit design is the most sustainable weighted blanket option out there, since it’s completely filler-free. That means there are no pesky plastic beads cluttering your home or the environment.

Our classic Cotton Napper is our most popular blanket. You might also have seen our moisture-wicking Tree Napper or even the Velvet Napper, which is made of cozy, sustainable eco-velvet. All our products are Fairtrade International Certified, meaning they’re kind to the planet, the people who make them, and the people who use them.

Cotton Napper

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Dreamy, buttery softness

Calms body & mind for deeper sleep

Hand-knitted huggable comfort

It's Napper Time
Cotton Napper cta

Lately, our Nappers have been out on the town spreading cozy calm wherever they go. Here are some of our favorite recent TV appearances!

Weighted Blankets on the Today Show

You may have seen the Today Show’s series “She Made It”, which tells the stories of female founders and their companies. Our founder, Dr. Kathrin Hamm, was featured in January 2021, and they even got the chance to try our weighted blanket in the Today Show studio!

On the Today Show, our founder told Jill Martin the story of her struggle to find rest while working for the World Bank. This struggle led her to create the first knitted weighted blanket with the help of her knitting-savvy mother. The rest is weighted blanket history!


Weighted Blankets on Sex & the City

If you’ve been watching the Sex & the City revival, you might have spotted some knitted weighted blankets in Charlotte’s apartment. These were our very own Cotton Nappers in Evening Rose and Moonstone Grey!

bearaby on sex and the city show

Weighted Blankets on the Morning Show

The Morning Show is a fictional drama series about the stressful work environment of morning television. What better way to combat stress than a weighted blanket? Reese Witherspoon’s character Bradley Jackson can be spotted resting with a weighted blanket during the show, and it just so happens to be one of our Nappers!

Weighted Blankets on Sweet Magnolias

If you’ve got a keen eye, you might have even caught a glimpse of our Nappers providing some cozy calm on the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias. We love seeing our weighted blankets out in the world hard at work.

Weighted Blankets on Presley Media

If you’ve seen people recommending our weighted blankets as holiday gifts, you may have seen it on Presley Media’s Daytime Show! Host Jennifer Bonner included our cozy Velvet Nappers on her Winter Essentials list and highlighted our sustainable, mindful production process.

Weighted Blankets on Breakfast Television

If you’ve recently heard about weighted blankets as a back-to-school essential, the idea might be coming from Breakfast TV. This Canadian show ran a segment to help parents ease their children into a back-to-school sleep schedule after summer. Lifestyle expert Andryanna Gonko shared how kids can use our Nappling for a calmer night’s rest.

Weighted Blankets on Cityline

Our Canadian Bearabuddies are in on the TV show fun, too! Karen Firsal featured our Napper alongside our soothing Hugget knot pillows when discussing lifestyle trends for 2023.

Weighted Blankets on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Several cozy Velvet Nappers recently appeared on the stage of the Kelly Clarkson Show. After sharing about the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket, Clarkson even surprised her audience with Bearaby Gift cards so everyone could purchase their own Napper!

Weighted Blankets in the Wild

Over the past few years, multiple popular television programs have featured weighted blankets. Beyond our knitted weighted blankets, there are many different styles and materials out there to choose from. We’re thrilled each time we see weighted blankets reach a larger audience and help more people sleep well.

Here’s a roundup of some other impactful weighted blanket TV appearances!

Weighted Blankets on the Tonight Show

In 2021, comedian Emmy Blotnick performed a segment about weighted blankets on the Tonight Show. In her signature wry tone, Emmy jokes that “it’s so nice to have something to blame for when you can’t get up!” She also slips in some tips about how to use a weighted blanket: it’s best to select one that weighs around 10% of your body weight.

Weighted Blankets on Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray put weighted blankets to test with an experiment: she had Jennifer, a busy mom of two, try using a weighted blanket at night. The results? Jennifer says it best: “I’m definitely sleeping better because of it. It put my body at ease.”

Weighted Blankets on Tamron Hall

In early 2022, Tamron Hall called attention to the weighted blankets as the “hottest trend right now.” Conventional weighted blankets might literally make you feel hot, but with our cooling knitted design, you can participate in the latest fad without overheating.

Weighted Blankets on the Ellen Show

Even Ellen Degeneres has welcomed weighted blankets into the mainstream, sharing about the anxiety-relieving product on her popular talk show.


As weighted blankets continue to help more people sleep better, they’re bound to continue cropping up across TV, from serious dramas to silly talk shows.

If you first heard about weighted blankets on TV, you might want to learn more about how they work or how to choose the best one for you. We’ve got you covered!

Our Nappers are a natural way to a better night’s sleep, and we hope that they can bring some cozy calm to your days like they do to ours.