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Why The Napper Is The Absolute Perfect Gift

As the holiday season sneaks up on us yet again (somehow we blinked and November was over), you’re most likely searching for that perfect yet unique gift for a certain someone special (or special few) on your list.

Why The Napper Is The Absolute Perfect Gift


Hand-knit, chunky weighted design, gorgeous colors, breathable and sustainable fabrics, and comforting coziness make each form of The Napper the ultimate gift for pretty much everyone on your holiday list (minus the lazy teen sleeping till 11 everyday).

Weighted blankets can do a lot for your wellbeing— from anxiety relief, to stress reduction and sleep improvement, this is the gift that keeps on giving (al cliche as that sounds), the recipients will keep on thanking you

Not only are they extremely effective, but all of our Nappers are made to be displayed with pride. The large chunky-knit weaves are all the rage this season, and we’ve got a color for everyone. Happy shopping! Happy napping!

Did you know?
Psychologists find that gift-giving actually has emotional and physical benefits. Giving presents leads to feelings of gratitude, the strengthening of bonds, and a boost of positivity when you nail it with the perfect gift.

As the holiday season sneaks up on us yet again (somehow we blinked and November was over), you’re most likely searching for that perfect yet unique gift for a certain someone special (or special few) on your list. Whether you’re shopping for a BFF who loves beautiful home decor, a sibling struggling with a bout of anxiety, or an insomniac in-law, the Napper is the ideal gift for each and every sleep-oriented scenario. All three of The Nappers come in a range of colors that are both eye-catching and eye-closing. We’ve got everyone covered—from fans of subdued, neutral tone hues to those bold, color-popping statement-makers. Male and female, young and old, there’s an ideal Napper for anyone and everyone.

For Your Stylish Bestie

Perhaps we’ve got a little bit of bias over here, but we take pride in the design, fabric and color palette of our chunky-knit weighted blankets and their hand-knit construction. While there are plenty of weighted blankets on the market, there aren’t many that fit the criteria of both style and function. This isn’t a weighted blanket you’ll want to hide when you entertain company; you’ll want to show this one off. Draped over the arm of your couch or folded at the end of your bed, all three of our Napper options are sure to be an immediate conversation starter. Chunky-knit blankets are trending upward this season and for good reason—they’re typically hand-knit, thoughtfully designed, and in our case, weighted heavy to induce deep touch pressure, along with the benefits that accompany it. For the most stylish of your friends, we’d recommend gifting the Cotton Napper for a luxe addition to their living room. With five stunning colors to choose from, you’ll secure yourself an immediate and effusive ‘Thank You’ note.

Napper as Stylish Bestie

For The Weighted Blanket Skeptic

Not everyone is sold on weighted blankets, no matter how effective some have proven to be. While our feature weighted blanket, The Napper, has proven both functional and aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t look like your typical weighted blanket, and that’s because it isn’t. It looks like a beautiful hand-knit throw that happens to be uncommonly heavy. And Bearaby offers three different Nappers made of specific fabrics. So, if you’re a more conservative buyer, The Cotton Napper is the one for you. Made with 100% organic, responsibly farmed cotton (all the good feels!), lazy, stress-free weekend days and relaxing weekday evenings in the comfort of your home could become a guilt-free routine. As the weather gets colder and frostier, that skeptical pal will think of your thoughtful gift every time they bury beneath their new favorite heavy hand-knit blanket. Worried that they won’t need the blanket anymore come summertime? Don’t be! Every Napper is designed to be highly breathable due to its chunky, wide loop composition. We’re talking air pockets you can actually see and feel...

For The Sleep-Starved Insomniac

If you have a loved one who seriously struggles with sleep, the right weighted blanket could be the answer they’ve been looking for. And just imagine the endless thanks they’ll shower you with for finally solving their restless nights. This efficacy of weighted blankets is an area that’s been thoroughly studied by researchers; it’s a little easier to measure sleep habits than say, coziness (BUT if there’s a comfort study, sign us up!). Scientists have found that those who use weighted blankets have experienced an increase in time spent asleep, along with a decrease in movements and restlessness. Curious as to how that works? Weighted blankets use Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to activate certain points on the body and produce our happy and sleepy hormones (kind of similar to that blissful feeling after a deep tissue massage). Once DTP gets to work, your body naturally produces more serotonin and melatonin, both of which are conducive to snoozin’. For the sleep-deprived one on your list, consider any one of our Nappers. Beware, you may not see this friend for a little while as once they ease into the calming comfort of The Napper, they’ll be catching up on all the sleep they’ve been missing for years.

Nappers for Sleep-Starved Insomniac

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

For The Anxiety-Ridden College Student

While college is looked at as a period of socializing, on-and-off campus partying as well as extracurriculars of all sorts, it’s also a time rife with anxiety and stress. End of semester exams and late-night study sessions lead to your newly minted college kiddult coming home for the holidays only to catch-up on some much-needed R&R (no more scantrons or number 2 pencils!). Weighted blankets help to reduce anxiety by producing the happy hormone mentioned above (serotonin) as well as reducing amounts of our stress hormone, cortisol. While our bodies do need a little bit of cortisol to function well, we don’t want too much, either. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can lead to anxiety, so we want to do everything we can to keep that stress hormone in check. Covering your body as you sleep with the weighted blanket overnight, when you take a nap, or even draping it over your legs while studying, all assist in reducing cortisol and anxiety. Any of the Nappers would be the perfect gift for your college student to put to heavy use back to school. Plus, it’ll

For The Busy Parent

Whether we’re talking about friends with a newborn or a family member with a toddler, we know that parents put aside themselves for the sake of others. From juggling nap schedules to carpool duty to somehow finding time to eat, moms and dads are superstars who deserve some extra rest. Although parents of all ages are amazing, a special shoutout goes to those who recently gained their names as Mom or Dad. This extra-tired bunch should be at the top of your list to gift a Tree Napper so they can kick their feet up and rest easy this holiday season. This eucalyptus weighted blanket is made entirely of a plant-based material known as TENCEL Lyocell, sustainable made using fabric derived from eucalyptus tree wood pulp. It’s super soft and incredibly cooling. Oh, and want to make your present even more thoughtful? Include a babysitting coupon so mom and pops can get some uninterrupted snoozes—they’ll thank you in time. One reminder to note: be sure all little ones under the age of two avoid burrowing under any weighted blankets as the gentle pressure may not be so gentle for the small body of an infant.