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The Summer Slow Down: International Self-Care Day

For many, the summer season is a time of great joy and celebration, filled with outdoor picnics, balmy beach days, and fun travel plans. But as the weather warms up, self-care often winds down, taking a back seat as schedules become more busy and days become more packed.

The Summer Slow Down: International Self-Care Day


International Self-Care Day is July 24.

Weighted Blankets are a great form of self-care, helping you sleep more deeply, and wake feeling rested and revitalized.

Bearaby’s Tree Napper is now available in four new nature-inspired shades, aimed to help you feel calm and keep cool.

Did you know?
Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

In celebration of International Self-Care Day, we invite you to breathe deep, slow down, and enter a summer state of mind: one that explores the calm of lazy days and the pleasure of taking care of ourselves and our planet.

Self-Care Done Simply

At Bearaby, we believe that sleep is the simplest form of self-care, and that everyone deserves it, naturally and easily.

While we may be a bit biased, our favorite way to slow down and practice self-care is by cozying up under a weighted blanket. By increasing the body’s production of the “happy” hormone, Serotonin, and decreasing the body’s “stress hormone,” Cortisol, weighted blankets can help calm you down and leave you feeling less anxious and more relaxed.

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A Summer Sanctuary

Many weighted blankets are made with artificial fillers and synthetic fabrics, making them unbreathable and unsustainable. That’s why we created the Tree Napper, a cooling weighted blanket made from natural eucalyptus fibers designed to help you sleep better and feel calmer during sticky summer months.

This year, we introduced four new nature-inspired shades as a part of our Summer Collection. Drawing inspiration from treetop flowers, sun-kissed patios and lush riverbanks. Our new Tree Nappers, available in Rosewood, Magnolia, Terracotta, and Willow, help you create a serene summer sanctuary filled with self-care.

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Purposeful Practice

Whether you choose to read, relax, rest, or recharge, we hope you take the time to give back to yourself today and practice a purposeful moment of self care.