Claims Policy Summary

General Conditions

This Insurance covers physical loss or damage to the Product caused by the negligence of any third party who has possession or custody of or responsibility for the Product insured hereunder during transit.

Terms & Definitions

Term Definition
Product Single unit purchased
Package/Shipment Shipping box containing purchased unit
Carrier Shipments delivery provider (e.g., Purolator, Canada Post)
Order One or more products purchased under a single transaction
Customer Person purchasing the Product and Insurance
Transit Period of time from when the order is dispatched from the warehouse to when the order is delivered by a Carrier to the customer’s destination

Limitation of Liability

Bearaby’s liability, in respect to this Policy and subject to the exclusions stated below, will be limited to and shall not exceed the Order value.

Geographical Limitations

This Policy is applicable for shipments within Canada only.


This Insurance is applicable from the time products insured commence their Transit from Bearaby’s warehouse until the Customer’s destination.

Claim Filing Requirements

Lost orders Claims for orders not received should be filed not earlier than 5 days and not later than 15 days from when the shipment was marked as ‘delivered’ by the Carrier.
Bearaby reserves the right to request a copy of a police report that documents the lost Order claim.
Stuck in transit Claims for orders presumed to be lost by the carrier (e.g., where the shipment status is ‘not delivered’) should be done not earlier than 7 days after the scheduled delivery date, and not later than 15 days from the last checkpoint.
Damaged product Claims for damaged items or wrong items require the submission of Product and Packaging photos no later than 10 days from when the Shipment was deemed ‘marked as delivered’ by the Carrier. In this case, Product should be returned by the Customer and received by Bearaby in order to settle the claim. Carrier charges for returning products will be borne by Bearaby.

Claim Type

Customer will be provided with a Product replacement of the same or similar type and value.


This coverage does not insure against any loss, damage or expense attributable to or caused by:

  • Any Claim for an event occurring outside the period of Insurance
  • Delays/ lost Shipments due to wrong address entered by the Customer at the time of order
  • Orders delivered to the Customer
  • Ordinary wear and tear of the products insured
  • Willful misconduct or dishonest acts by the Customer
  • Force Majeure event(s) - Causes beyond our control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, earthquakes, subsidence, and epidemic.

It is further understood that the Policy ends if you have reached the Claim limit.

Contact Information

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