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How Eco-Velvet is Protecting the Oceans.

Bearaby’s Velvet Napper brings sustainable softness to the world of weighted blankets with an eco-velvet thread made entirely from ocean plastics, for calming comfort that feels good all over.

How Eco-Velvet is Protecting the Oceans.


Velvet was traditionally made from silk, but today’s velvets are made from rayon, polyester, and other synthetics, which can have a drastic negative impact on the environment.

Eco-velvet puts a sustainable spin on velvet, using recycled plastic bottles to create that same soft, shiny, luxe look that you can feel good about.

The feelgood, sustainable fabric has been used to create our Wintry Gems Velvet Napper collection, for luxurious shimmering snuggles in five stylish shades.

Did you know?
There were 1.9 million plastic bags collected in the 2018 International Coastal Cleanup.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Bearaby, and that’s why the Velvet Nappers in our Wintry Gems Holiday Collection are made from a very special planet-friendly material.

Our Material World: The Fabric in Bearaby’s Velvet Weighted Blanket

Our new Velvet Nappers are luxuriously soft and stylish, with the gentle shimmer you’d expect from traditional velvet – but while velvet is typically made from rayon, polyester, and other synthetic materials, each of our Velvet Nappers are carefully spun from approximately 900 waste plastic bottles.

The plastic we use is referred to as Ocean Bound Plastic – an official designation for waste plastics that are likely to end up in the ocean. We use absolutely no virgin plastic whatsoever, and so, by capturing and repurposing this waste plastic we’re able to – quite literally – turn trash into treasure while protecting our oceans from pollution!

Eco-velvet is made in line with the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which means that we adhere to the highest standards of environmental, social, and chemical practices of modern industry production. It enables us to offer a beautiful, comfortable velvet weighted blanket that looks and feels luxurious, without compromising on our promise to take care of the planet.

How OBP Becomes Couchworthy

Every Bearaby sustainable velvet weighted blanket starts life as a collection of plastic gathered by ocean clean-up initiatives. Once collected, the plastic is sorted, sanitized, and pulverized into chips, which are melted and spun into a fine yarn. The fine yarn is then spun into our signature chunky yarn, and this soft, silky eco-velvet is knitted into a Velvet Napper.

The Benefits of a Bearaby Velvet Weighted Blanket

Our Velvet Napper is cozy, soft, and couch-worthy! In addition to the calming, sleep-loving benefits shared with all Bearaby weighted blankets, our Velvet Napper is also free of harmful dyes, naturally antimicrobial, and STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® certified.

Meet The Collection

Our eco-velvet weighted blankets borrow their colors from Mother Nature’s very own gemstones, to create a shimmering treasure trove of huggable hues. Hibernators can take a picture-perfect power nap under the vibrant shades of Sapphire and Tourmaline, the delicate tones of Jade and Rose Quartz, or the wintery glimmer of Silver Topaz.


The grass is always greener under our Jade Napper! Jade is the gemstone of serenity and tranquility, so you can enjoy peaceful, plush cuddles all winter long.

jade texture

Silver Topaz

Our Silver Topaz Napper will fill your space with shimmering winter magic. Create a cozy den and enjoy all the soothing and calming properties of its gemstone counterpart.


Our Tourmaline Napper borrows its shade from the stone of reconciliation, and you can see why – its rich, deep red loops are sure to bring rest and relaxation together in one dreamy place.

tourmaline texture


Wrap yourself in the color of kindness with our Sapphire Napper. This aqua blue hue brings in an ocean of warmth so you can melt into deeply restorative rest.

Rose Quartz

It’ll be love at first nap with our Rose Quartz Napper. Inspired by the gemstone known for unconditional love and compassion, this petal-soft hue creates endless space for self-care.