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How To Store Your Napper

Consider this the Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Napper.

how to store weighted blanket


How and where you store your Napper depends on how heavy it is, how often you use it, and of course, how much space you’re working with.

All three Nappers can be gently rolled or folded, and stored in a bag or container that is not prone to moisture. The Tree Napper is especially durable—designed to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles without losing any of its softness or color.

If you like keeping your Bearaby within reach, feel free to keep your Napper draped over the couch or foot of your bed. If you’ve chosen a complementary color, it’ll serve as a unique piece of home decor as well as a good conversation starter!

Did you know?
Every Napper comes packaged in a plastic-free satchel made of salvaged linen cloth that can also be washed in the same manner as the Napper.

So, you’ve just received your brand new Napper. You’ve tested it out, had amazing sleep under it, and you’ve felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Now, you need to know the best way to keep it looking and feeling brand new! Consider this the Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Napper.

Where To Store Your Napper

We know it’s not exactly easy to carry around a 15-, 20-, or 25-pound blanket (for some of us, anyway)! While you may start to develop toned muscles by toting it around day after day, it might be less exhausting to find a storage spot near where you use it most, whether it be in your bedroom or near the couch.

Everyone’s storage needs may be a little different, based on the weight and how often you use it. If you’re a daily Napper user, you may not want to have it tucked away all the way back in your closet. Consider using a couch or ottoman with built-in storage for easy access, like this Wayfair one, especially if an afternoon snooze is non-negotiable for you.

An under-bed storage container could be a good option, as well. A soft yet structured canvas or cotton container would be perfect, particularly The White Company looks really nice. Storing the blanket under the bed reduces your risk of straining muscles from getting the blanket down from a high shelf, especially if you’re the owner of one of the heavier blankets.

If you’re using your Napper for sleeping each and every night, you may consider just keeping it on your bed! Luckily, our chunky-knit weighted blankets are a combination of both style and function, so you’ll be proud to drape it over the foot of your bed when you’re not using it.

how to Store Your Napper

Maybe you’re just an occasional user of your Napper—you bust it out on an extra-anxious night or when you have been wrestling with a bout of insomnia. In this case, keep reading for some helpful tips and advice on how to store your weighted blanket.

Where Not To Store Your Napper

Now that we’ve gone over some good places to store your weighted blanket, what about the not-so-good places? Definitely don’t hang your blanket from a decorative ladder or from a hook. First, the blanket may be too heavy and it may come crashing down.

Second, we don’t want to pull at and disrupt the chunky yet delicate loops on the blanket. Another storage no-no? Stuffing it into a plastic trash bag. Your Bearaby deserves better than that! Not to mention, you’ll likely end up with a busted trash bag.

How To Store It

If you’re planning to store your Napper in a confined space, such as a storage ottoman or tucked away in its 100% recycled linen bag, make sure the blanket is completely dry before you put it in. Perhaps you’ve just washed it, and are ready to put it away for a period of time.

Ensure your Napper is totally and completely dry before doing so. Although our plant-based fabric in the Tree Napper is naturally moisture-wicking and antibacterial, it’s still not the best idea to fold it up and store it when it’s damp or wet.

Two ways to dry our Nappers after washing are by tumble-dry for one to two cycles, or by laying it flat on a large surface and letting it air-dry. You definitely don’t want to hang-dry these blankets, as the loops will get stretched out!

When storing the weighted blanket, you’ll want to preserve the hand-knit weaves of the blanket. Rather than just stuffing it in haphazardly, a gentle fold or roll (think: Marie Kondo-style) is the way to go.

Lastly, consider the temperature when storing your Napper. We don’t want your storage area to be too hot or too cold. An attic storage area may get too warm, while a basement or garage may get too cold, with a likelihood of introducing moisture. When you take it out of storage, feel free to air it out outside on a sunny day for a short period of time to get that fresh-air smell back.

Which Napper Do You Have?

We’ve got three varieties of Nappers, each made with a different and beautiful material. Our classic, Cotton Napper is made of 100% organic cotton, the Tree Napper is made of the plant-based tree fabric Tencel™, and the Cotton Napper is made out of, well, cotton fabric. All three Nappers can be gently rolled or folded and stored in a Bearaby stack bag, draped over your couch or foot of the bed, or placed in a storage ottoman or couch.

While all three fabrics are able to be washed and dried at home, the Tree Napper’s special plant-based fabric is uniquely designed to withstand repeated wash and dry cycles without losing any of its softness or color.

Although the Cotton Napper is a tad more delicate than the others, feel free to wash, dry, and store it in the same way. For all three, avoid hot water when washing, as cool or lukewarm water will preserve color and ensure no stretching or misshaping occurs.

Roll It. Fold It. Flaunt It.

If you just want the short and sweet answer for how to store your weighted blanket, here it is: Make sure the blanket is clean and dry, then gently roll or fold into its linen bag, a canvas or cotton under-bed storage container, or an ottoman with storage. Keep it out of areas that are too hot, too cold, or prone to moisture. Take it out often or keep it out for your friends to admire. Truth is you probably won’t want to go too long without reaping the benefits of your Bearaby!

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